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Dog Walking

We Give Your Dog the Red Carpet Treatment

ShowBiz Dog Resort is happy to offer dog day care, overnight boarding, and grooming our convenient Lafayette location near major retail centers.

Our Doggie Services

Our Requirements: For grooming and training puppies under the age of 4 months we require the age appropriate recommended by your puppy's veterinarian, as well as, a negative fecal test to be done. We require dogs 4 months and up to be fully vaccinated with rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, and bordetella vaccinations, along with a negative fecal test.

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Day Care

Dogs must be 4-months old to join our daycare program. Dogs must come to daycare at least once a week! We will give out lunches but owners will need to provide the food.


Daycare Requirements: We require that dogs are at least 4 months old and fully vaccinated and have a negative fecal test.


Drop off is available starting at 7am. All dogs must be picked up by 5:50pm.

Assessments: $40


We do assessments on your dog's first day of daycare with us. We ask that your pup stay with us for at least 6 hours. We use this time to really get to know your pup. Your dog will meet each staff member and once your pup is comfortable with the staff we will then begin to introduce your dog to our daycare group one dog at a time. We seperate based off of size. 

Full-Day Daycare (more than 6 hours): $32

Half-Day Daycare (6 hours or less): $22

Monthly Membership: $525/month

Any dog who has our membership can come into daycare every day Monday through Friday. This also includes 1 bath/month on any day of your choosing.

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We have luxury suites that include a bed, tv, and food and water bowls. Dogs go out 6 times a day, potty breaks start at 6:30am–7am and end at 9:30pm–10pm. We feed at 7am and 6 pm, but if your dog has any special requirements, we are happy to adjust your dog schedule. Owners must provide food and any medication that your dog needs. 


Boarding (6x10 room): $70/night

Include a tv, bed, food and water bowls.

Boarding (4x4 room): 55/night

For smaller dogs or dogs who don't wish to be in such a large space. These rooms include a bed and food and water bowls.

Full-Day Boarding (anytime between 7am–6am): $32

Half-Day Boarding (anytime between 7am–6am): $22

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We require that puppies have the appropriate shots for their age. We recommend the puppies start getting groomed as early as 7-weeks. Dogs who are pelted or matted will be charged a $30 per hour pre shave fee.

"Hound Dog" includes a bath, blow dry, and brushout.

  • Small Dog (1-20lbs): $15–$35

  • Medium Dog (21-50lbs): $25–$45

  • Large Dog (51-100lbs): $35–$55

  • Giant Dogs (101lbs and up): $45–$65

"Teddy Bear" includes a bath, blow dry, brushout, nails, ear, anal glands, and a face, feet, and potty trim, as well a cologne.

  • Small Dog (1–20lbs): $40–$60

  • Medium Dog (21–50lbs): $50–$70

  • Large Dog (51–100lbs) : $70–$90

  • Giant Dogs (101lbs and up): $105–$130

"Love Me Tender" includes a bath, blow dry, brushout, nails, ears, anal glands, a full body hair cut, and cologne.

  • Small Dog (1–20lbs): $60–$80

  • Medium Dog (21–50lbs): $75–$95

  • Large Dog (51–100lbs): $95–$115

  • Giant Dogs (101lbs and up): $120–$150

 "Ultimutt Paw" includes nails, shaved paw pads, and paw pad lotion.

  • Small to Medium Dogs (1–50lbs): $35

  • Large to Giant Dogs (51lbs and up): $45

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We offer basic obedience and how to fix nuisance behaviors such as jumping, digging in the trash, and barking. 

Private Lessons:

$75 for one hour.

Adoption Consultation:

We will go with you to meet and assess the dog that you are looking to adopt and help you decide if that dog will be a good fit for you and your family. We then offer 3 private lessons after the adoption that must be used within the 2-weeks following your dogs adoption. $250.

Pet Consultation:

We will go over your lifestyle, goals, and wants in a dog for your family. We will then point you in the direction of the dog breeds that would be a good fit for you. $50.


About Us

Simply put, we love Dogs! We consider this not a job but an opportunity to serve all dog families of Greater Lafayette. We understand as pup parents the anxiety you feel when you leave for vacation and leave your dog behind. We understand the worrying of hoping your dog is safe and secure. Simply put, we understand!

We want to provide your dog with the best other option compared to home. Our commitment is to provide a safe and clean facility along with the excellent service and care for your best friend while you are away.

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What All the Dogs are Barking About

"ShowBiz and the daycare staff have been paramount in my dog's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Besides the obvious physical and social benefits, the staff make sure to give love and cuddles, and they know their daycare dogs so well they know when one of them is having an off day. They come up with activities to keep mental stimulation up like bubble day. There have been times we have picked our dog up and she didn't want to leave because she was having so much fun!"

- Ashley D.

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Have a question about ShowBiz Dog Resort? Reach us online or call us for immediate assistance. ShowBiz Dog Resort is open Monday through Saturday from 7am until 6pm, and Sunday 4:30pm until 6pm. We have options for early drop offs or late night picks ups with proper notice to work with your schedule.

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